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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation White Noise Full Patch Notes Revealed, Dokkaebi to Hack Valkyrie Cams

The whole Rainbow Six Siege’s community is quite surprised by the Operation White Noise patch notes release. Ubisoft has done quite a good job of retaining and keeping the Operation Health still active, even it is finished. By changing that many issues as reported in the notes, the game’s health is heading the right way and Ubisoft kind of stands out among many other AAA developers. Those little things people care about are the ones that make big turnarounds.

Operation White Noise

First and foremost, let’s note that Operation White Noise will bring a lot of new content. However, there are some concerns regarding the new Operator, Dokkaebi. Dokkaebi’s Special ability will kind of hurt and break Valkyrie’s Special Ability. Valkyrie, having no appropriate counter until now, may finally start choking.

Back to the subject, a lot of changes that we weren’t even aware of have been changed. Bugs are being addressed and Maps are being changed. Not long ago, Ubisoft has announced the activation of Rainbow Six Siege Public Test Servers including Operation White Noise content. This means the Test Servers are now live and we can anticipate all of the changes on our own.

It is going to be Dokkaebi vs Valkyrie mostly, so players can get the taste of how’s Dokkaebi countering Valkyrie.

Below, you may find all the Rainbow Six Siege Operation White Noise gameplay changes:


  • FIXED – Players can receive damage from a claymore, despite being behind a barricade.
  • FIXED – A second breaching charge cannot be placed after the previous one is destroyed while being jammed.
  • FIXED – The Yokai drone’s effect can be broken if stacking a concussion effect on top of it.
  • FIXED – Spectating an ally in DBNO mode will not show the blur effect.
  • FIXED – Aiming down sights while fast descending in rappel will lock the fast descent on.
  • FIXED – Shield replication can be broken in 3rd person if the player quickly changes from grenades to shield.
  • FIXED – Reload animations repeat and players cannot fire or complete the reload.
  • FIXED – Joining a session after the match has ended leads to an infinite loading loop.
  • FIXED – Certain placements of Nitro Cells would damage players through reinforced walls.
  • FIXED – In game voice chat issues leading to no comms for one of the active players in a match.
  • FIXED – Projectiles fired from launchers can pass through obstacles if fired close to them.
  • FIXED – Vaulting wide surfaces while sprinting with two and three speed operators would repeat the animation.
  • FIXED – Partially damaged Deployable Shields would disappear from inventory after picking them up.
  • FIXED – Shields could obstruct view when sprinting into a fall.
  • FIXED – Impact grenades would bounce off window borders, instead of detonating.
  • FIXED – Conflicting objective locations would be displayed at times during team selection.
  • FIXED – Defenders could trigger claymores through walls on certain maps.
  • FIXED – When a player would lose connection to the match while reviving a DBNO player, the DBNO player would stand up bleeding.
  • FIXED – While in drone phase, the exit button in the Spawn Selection screen would not react to mouse input.
  • FIXED – Sprinting then switching to prone, but cancelling the animation with sprint again would cause players to teleport forwards.
  • FIXED – Users are able to use tight places in maps, or created by the Deployable shield, to force the character inside the Maps collision.
  • FIXED – Players are able to stand on shields by using another player as a collision point.
  • FIXED – When a Defender is put in DBNO while outside, the Attackers can see their life bar.
  • FIXED – If a player puts their teammates in DBNO, exits the session and waits to return until after they have died, the player will not receive a sanction.
  • FIXED – After pressing up on the controller, Alpha Pack buttons become unresponsive.
  • FIXED – An issue that would cause the “Join Game” and “Invite to Game” options to not work.
  • FIXED – Some extremely tough glass on black vehicles.
  • FIXED – Breaching charges placed on destructible walls would not be destroyed if the wall were then reinforced.
  • FIXED – If opening a menu while spinning a weapon preview on the Alpha Pack screen, spinning animation would loop endlessly.
  • FIXED – Some specific cases of rubberbanding while vaulting for high ping players.
  • FIXED – Scoreboard is not displayed at the end of a game.
  • FIXED – Camera clips through the player if they are DBNO and holding the button to slow bleeding while being revived.
  • FIXED – Some specific matchmaking issues causing squads of 5 to be split when entering a match.
  • FIXED – Players can melee gadgets through a Deployable Shield and destroy them.
  • FIXED – If a laser is equipped on a weapon with no sight, the laser does not react to EMP grenades.
  • FIXED – Strange rotation of the player if taking armor plates immediately after falling from a surface.
  • FIXED – Frag grenades not always destroying a barricade when detonating close to it.
  • FIXED – Modifying settings allows removing most ambient textures, resulting in a player advantage.
  • FIXED – Destroying Bandit’s Shock Wire with a melee strike will reward the player only for the Barbed Wire.
  • FIXED – Trajectory for Impact and Concussion grenades is not the same.
  • FIXED – Issues with sticky gadgets, when falling from a destroyed barricade.
  • FIXED – Players are able to climb onto other operators in order to stand in windows.
  • FIXED – Players can be killed by melee above the head.
  • FIXED – Vaulting while crouched and looking up can cause an obstruction of view.
  • FIXED – Defenders can use a Deployable Shield and a teammate to reach elevated areas of the maps.
  • FIXED – Players can clip into the wall at EXT Basement Entrance on Hereford Base by strategically placing a claymore.
  • FIXED – Players can use the drone to see under the stairs at B Laundry Stairs on Oregon.
  • FIXED – Some weapons are not aligned correctly with the ACOG sight while aiming and sustaining fire.
  • FIXED – Smoke effect can invert with the player’s view while rappelling.
  • FIXED – Matchmaking issue that would cause players to be stuck in an open lobby, searching for other players.
  • FIXED – Two players running side by side may cause issue with teleportation.
  • FIXED – Grenades sometimes rubberbanding back at the player after tossing them through an open window.
  • FIXED – Impact grenades bouncing off walls, instead of detonating.
  • FIXED – Issue with the spectator Support camera becoming stuck in the location of the player death.
  • FIXED – Rounds and crosshairs are misaligned with the L85A2 when used with various attachments.
  • FIXED – When a player affected by a flash goes into drone mode, the HUD appears slowly on a fade in.


If you’d love to find out the Operator and Map changes, you can visit Operation White Noise official website.

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