Releasing Ho-Oh on Thanksgiving Could be a Very Smart Move

There is a fair good chance that Pokemon Go Trainers might see the last remaining Legendary Pokemon, Ho-Oh on Thanksgiving.

There are some theories on why Ho-Oh might pay us a visit in Pokemon Go for Thanksgiving:

  1. 3D assets for Ho-Oh have been added to the game data. Celebi’s assets as well.
  2. Ho-Oh’s CP values and stats are nerfed, which happens only before a Pokemon is ready to be released in the game. This same thing happened with Mewtwo and we saw him the next day.
  3. During the Thanksgiving event, the last rotation of the Legendary Beasts all around the world will happen. Ho-Oh is the last Legendary Pokemon we haven’t seen in the game, so it is logical to show up at this time.
  4. We all were witnesses to Niantic saying that more Gen 3 will be released in December, so it is clever to release the full Gen 2 line before we all turn out attention to the new Pokemon. This was not done with Gen 1 though, but that was before raids came to the game.

This is just an opinion, and it does not mean that they will release Ho-Oh for Thanksgiving. But it does make a lot of sense because releasing Ho-Oh on Thanksgiving is a very smart move. And every other Gen 1 and 2 Legendaries have found their paths into the game to this point, except Ho-Oh.

There are also rumors that Ho-Oh might show up as an alternative to Mewtwo in an Exclusive Raid. Nobody would really want that, because its counterpart Lugia, was released in a normal raid.

And the entire fiasco with Mewtwo EX raid situation is quite awful, and we think that they should not exist at all.Making a Ho-Oh EX Raid while Mewtwo EX Raid is still in beta testing, could be a really wrong move. But anything could happen, so we just have to wait and see the “final results.”

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