Rocket League Gets More Ban Levels to Improve Competitive Matchmaking

Psyonix has announced new changes coming to Rocket League to improve its competitiveness. Therefore, a new ban system is coming to life and rage quitters will have a tough time dealing with it. By making the rules more strict, Rocket League will maintain the bans-matchmaking effectively, while players will have their precious time well spent.

Psyonix tends to add several layers on top of each other, so every consecutive time a player leaves the match, it will get an increased ban timer. Unlike before, players had only one penalty of 15 minutes without the possibility to play competitive matches.

Penalty Times – Ban Levels

The new penalty times also referred as New Ban Levels are as following:

  • Level 1: 5 Minutes
  • Level 2: 10 Minutes
  • Level 3: 20 Minutes
  • Level 4: 40 Minutes
  • Level 5: 60 Minutes
  • Level 6: 120 Minutes
  • Level 7: 24 Hours

If you have been banned you will stay at the current ban level for 12 hours. So if it occurs for you to leave a match within those 12 hours, the ban timer increases, constantly. As a reminder, the change applies only to Competitive Matchmaking. What’s really important is that if the player somehow reaches level 7 and still continues to leave Competitive Matches, he might lose his account by getting banned.

On the other side of things, if the ban level is being held based on a timer of 12 hours… anytime someone gets to level 7 the timer will be reset by not playing. So, the whole idea with being banned if he continues leaving is somehow falling down in water.

However, looking on the bright side, Rocket League shall improve its matchmaking system by far with only one simple change. Sometimes, we do not need to perform a lot to improve.

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