Squad is Free To Play This Weekend, Gets a New Update

It’s a good choice for Offworld Industries to release a new Squad update so it would improve the gameplay before the free weekend event comes online. Squad is available to play for free over this weekend. The event will be active until November 13.

squad gameplay

Despite the newest patch, during this time, the game will be put on a 50% off sale. From my own experience, Squad doesn’t feel like a final product or any close to a full release, no matter how good it looks. We know it offers a nice gameplay with lots of people in it. However, it just doesn’t feel complete.

Do not get me wrong, Squad is built on a perfect background idea and will maybe be prospective, but not anytime soon. Knowing that is still in Early Access and Indie, the developers, should step on the gas pedal and start thinking outside the box. If you’re developing a game like this one which nearly looks like a military simulation, you should be inventing something new and do it faster.

It is all because other Big Name competitors might even steal your idea and make it ten times better than what you have accomplished. Therefore, we encourage you to try Squad and also give feedback that is 100% accurate, so you’ll help the developers head the right way. Even if they do so until now, any feedback is much appreciated.

Now, let’s get back to the update 9.13. Below, you can find the full changelog and we wish you a happy free Squad weekend.

  • Added Mestia with two AAS layers, two Invasion layers and one PAAS layer.
  • Fixed Chora map border
  • Added Yehorivka Invasion v2. This layer is experimental. The Militia main base is the last flag and can only be attacked once all connecting flags are captured. At that moment, the main base protection zone disappears and the main base spawn timer for Militia increases to two minutes.
  • Most of the vehicles have a delayed spawn so that heavier weapons become available later.

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