After Star Wars: Battlefront II, There Are Concerns about Anthem

We all know what happened to Star Wars: Battlefront II over this period. All of that time, there was only one question buzzing in my head. Round and round, days by days, especially since EA’s failure with SWBFII, who imagine or not, it’s the same Publisher for one of the potentially best and most anticipated games of 2018, Anthem.

Anthem World

I will make this more like an Open Letter addressed to EA to please avoid implementing the same practice in Anthem. I am more than sure that there are more than million people out there waiting for Anthem to come out. And from what happened with Battlefront II, they’re distorted by half now.

Let Anthem breathe on its own and its core developers. I am more than sure that BioWare wouldn’t like to implement any of your microtransactions and strategies to earn more money. Just let it be how the main and most influential developers love to be. Do not stir your hands into everything and create nothing else but a cancerous environment. Anthem is one the games that has an insane potential to shock the whole world. In a positive manner, of course. That kind of a Sci-Fi Action Adventure Open World RPG has never been seen before, ever!

I hope Anthem won’t become a slave to your petty tricks and BioWare will have their power to perform a change whenever they like, on everything. I am pointing this out to EA… since… you have also failed with Battlefront II microtransactions. You cannot go against people’s will. Anthem speaks for itself. It’s one of a kind and masterpiece of its own. Therefore, I repeat, please keep your microtransactions out of it.

I totally agree with one thing. Cosmetics. You can bring cosmetics in and create your own market especially for it. Even if you would like, you could put 10000 items on your market and sell them for millions, if you like. But making a game Pay 2 Win… Please, no. Therefore, I do not have anything else to talk about. I just hope Anthem won’t include microtransactions and we will witness the best game ever to appear on the gaming market.

P.S. It is not just me since people have already begun their journey against your potential microtransactions in Anthem.

Angel Kicevski

Angel Kicevski started playing video games a long time ago. He started playing competitively since the Counter-Strike 1.3 era. Shortly after the competitive CS era, he managed to find the gaming industry amusing and started working on FGR. His mission is to bring gaming news and make guides for those who need them in the best possible way. He also considers himself an Escape From Tarkov addict.

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