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Suicune Defeated by an Army of Farfetch’d, Here is the Video

One of the Legendary Beasts, still available to battle and catch, until November 30, in Pokemon Go, is Suicune. This is an easy Legendary to defeat, well, to be honest, the easiest of the three, and that has been confirmed today, again.

Today, a group of total 17 Trainers, from Ontario, Canada Lvl 32+ have decided to challenge Suicune. They’ve decided to use their ‘best,’ and ‘fresh’ Pokemon, Farfetch’d (Max CP 936).

The final result is: Army of Farfetch’d 1 : 0 Suicune.

For last, I’ve mentioned above that this is not the first time for Suicune to be defeated by a larger group of Pokemon. The first time it was an army of Tangela, the mighty spaghetti. You can see the Raid here.



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