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Take a look at Rainbow Six Siege Operation White Noise’s New Operator Dokkaebi

Coming from Republic of Korea, Dokkaebi os the girl that will gather much fans in Rainbow Six Siege thanks to her amazing abilities. Ubisoft has recently published a trailer dedicated to Dokkaebi, the Korean girl that is set to destroy enemies in R6Siege. Seemingly a hacker, Dokkaebi as a character looks quite fun to play, even though the abilities are not being showcased at all.

As Ubisoft would love to put it down:

Her fingers dance across the keyboard, the light of the LCD screen underscoring her smirk. Each line of code is a triumph building toward terminal velocity. She dances around firewalls and rewards herself with sips of her third energy drink tonight. She’s trying to cut down and four is her concession. She’s no brute force thug or clickjacker, and in the short order of a few days, she’s finally managed to get inside. With one last click, she carefully taps the [Enter] button and send the words that will either make her, or break her…
‘Hello, Rainbow Six.’

Dokkaebi is the second showcased Operator after yesterday’s Zofia, the polish destroyer. Therefore, we finally might get to a conclusion that our modern and favorite shooter has a decent pool of characters. Not yet, but soon. The Operation White Noise is scheduled to bring 3 new Operators and maps.

Dokkaebi uses the MK 14 EBR and the BOSG. 12.2 as her favorite weapons, while the C75 and the SMG-12 as her secondary weapons. Her Special Ability is something yet to discover about. Edgy indeed.



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