CAPCOM submits Amaterasu courier in the Dota 2 Workshop, Screenshots and Video Included

Capcom has submitted Amaterasu as a courier in Dota 2. Amaterasu is the protagonist in Okami, the first Japanese action adventure. Amaterasu will include its weapon, Divine Retribution but sadly not attack in Dota 2 because it is presented as a courier.


For Capcom’s courier to be allowed on the Dota 2 market, the whole Dota 2 community has to vote for approval. Valve, on the other side, without any deepening into their relationship with Capcom, has to approve it.

For most of the Dota 2 fans, it will appear only as a cool looking wolf, so Capcom has decided to add Capcom logo on the side of it. Is that going to help and get a higher amount of votes? Also, a Reddit thread has been published, asking players to vote for this courier to appear on the market. It is naturally beautiful to see this kind of crossing between game titles, without the importance in which matter they come.

CAPCOM submits Amaterasu courier in the Dota 2 Workshop, Screenshots and Video Included.

Below you can watch Capcom’s courier in action:

Below, you can find the screenshots published in the Dota 2 Workshop:

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