DeepSeaScale and DeepSeaTooth are New Evolution Items Coming in Pokemon Go

It is reported that Pokemon Go players will get more evolutionary items. This was confirmed by Pokemon Go’s support page which says that DeepSeaScale and DeepSeaTooth would be added in the following weeks. Both of the items are used to evolve Gen 3 Pokemon Clamperl into Gorebyss or Huntail.

These special items can be acquired from PokeStops and gyms, and are used to evolve some Pokemon together with candies. These special evolutionary items were added to the game together with Gen 2. The DeepSeaScale and DeepSeaTooth increase the numbers of the evolutionary items up to seven.

Clampert is the first one in Pokemon Go that requires a special evolutionary item to evolve in one form. Even though Gorebyss or Huntail aren’t expected to be top-tier Pokemon in Pokemon Go, both of them have good Attack and Defense stats, which could make them useful for gym defenders or secondary attackers. Gorebyss is considered to be more powerful, with max CP of 2281.

Something that is quite interesting, neither of the evolutionary items are in the Game_Master file, which means that we will have another update before we get these items. We will probably wait a little bit longer for the second wave of the Gen 3 Pokemon.

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