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Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s End Game, one of the reasons why players stop playing it

Even if Bungie thinks that they hold the key to Destiny 2’s revival, I honestly think it’s too late. After the “two tokens and one blue”, there’s not much to believe in, and Destiny 2 is by far gone. It feels bizarre that both The Division and Destiny 2 sequels have been underperforming. At least on the PC platform.

Destiny 2

Even after Curse of Osiris expansion, Destiny 2’s future does not look bright at all. Recently, players have been complaining about Destiny 2’s in-game content and the fun it should bring in fan’s eyes. The developers seem to be missing the point, but the players are not.

Destiny 2 does not offer a modding platform so players can modify their game easily and create their content to enjoy playing at. Therefore, players are honestly asking for a material of their wish, so Destiny 2 will somehow satisfy player’s needs, and improve the end-game’s content. However, as we said, it seems like Bungie does not listen.

Well, a recent thread on Destiny 2’s Reddit page has been receiving all the positive karma. A player has noted a possible change the game would profit from. Similarly, a system that Diablo 3 already has, where players fight to fill a bar and a random boss spawns. It’s called Challenge Rifts. Players will lose quite a lot of their precious time in grinding and grinding countless of hours. A similar system is added to WoW with their Mythic plus progress, and it seems to be working nice. If leaderboards and seasons included, Bungie wouldn’t even need to bother to add anything additional to amaze its community.

Now, Bungie, Activision, and Blizzard might sort this out quite well, as they won’t be stealing anything but borrowing Blizzard’s gameplay system. After all, they’re partners.

The question is will Bungie listen to its players? Will Destiny 2 become a game where the community chooses to make its content, just like it should be rather than act like moles and follow whatever is set by Bungie? Time will tell, but now we only know that Destiny 2 does not have that big of a success. At least not on PC. An end-game content is what sets a line of grinding. If the end-game is terrible, there’s no point in playing any game for a more extended period.



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