Escape From Tarkov Gets Closer to Open Beta, New Year Event, Giveaways

Battlestate Games has announced their New Year Event which is going to bring more significant content to Escape From Tarkov. All of the published changes not only make the game better but also brings it closer to its Open Beta.

Escape From Tarkov

The event started yesterday, adding content in multiple EFT areas like maps, weapons, mods & utility and others. Furthermore, Battlestate Games has decided to release a full version of Shoreline, which becomes the biggest map in EFT to date. While lots of players are eager to experience EFT’s open world gameplay, Battlestate Games successfully provides answers in multiple different areas within the game. Well, we have a sigh of progress, because Shoreline has just grown a lot.

The game doesn’t stop improving on a daily basis. The level of development is quite high. Now, the fun part is that the upcoming patch will satisfy everyone. In the holidays’ spirit, all EFT players will receive a giveaway directly from Battlestate Games, which means they will be getting new Arsenal for free. Well, not just an Arsenal, instead, players claiming the gift will also receive utility parts. We do not want to spoil the surprise, so we’ll keep it secret.

What concerns me most is the thermal optic which is going to be painful for lots of players, and most likely everyone will be rushing to get this as it is quite big of an advantage. Frankly speaking, by knowing the game’s current balance, I was not expecting this kind of move from Battlestate Games.

Despite all of that above, Escape From Tarkov will receive a new extraction system. Helmets, as we mentioned in our previous article, they will be coming soon as a core and essential part of the game. During the holidays, Escape From Tarkov can be bought at a lower price with 25% discount.

All of these changes are made because of the upcoming Open Beta, for which lots of players are expected to join the family, at least during the event.

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