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Extinction will not include Microtransactions, New Gameplay Trailer Released

Namely another Ogre invaders game, but Extinction offers a lot more than what appears to have shown over the past period. Humans vs. Titans as they love to say, the developers Iron Galaxy Games and Maximum Games have decided to stay away from today’s nightmare, microtransactions. Well, that’s not it, a new gameplay trailer reveals Extinction’s skill mechanics.


Since the E3 presentation, everyone was naturally eager to see more of Extinction, and luckily, we have a new trailer. Now, it’s not just a trailer as others would do it. The trailer includes a message that most of the fans would love to read. Yes, in that trailer, at the very beginning of it, the developer announces that the game won’t include any microtransactions. You can find the trailer below.

Extinction will offer different traits players can choose from to take down Ogre’s bosses a lot easier. All that because of varying Ogre equipment. All of the included mechanics around skills feel like already known from other games.

Yet another Ogre story to be told, Extinction will release in early 2018 on PS, PC, and Xbox. As a player, addicted to its alpha gameplay, there are lots of tiny bits that have already inspired me to see what Extinction will offer when its complete version comes out.

A colorful action game, set up to imprison our brain on focusing only one thing, and that is to save humans.

You can watch the trailer below:



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