Groudon Defeated By an Army of Delibird, Check out the Raid Battle

A month ago, a group of 17 Pokemon Go Trainers from Ontario, Canada, have defeated the Legendary Pokemon Suicune using only Farfetch’d, and today, the same group have gathered again, but this time their challenge was to defeat the Legendary Pokemon from Gen 3, Groudon.

A total of 20 Pokemon Go players have gathered to test their skills and knowledge against the latest Legendary Pokemon named Groudon from Gen 3, using only Delibird as their main attacker, and guess what? They’ve successfully defeated Groudon with 3 seconds to spare.

One of the players, named ClamusChowderus, has shared their video (check below) and “journey” on Reddit, saying:

After we successfully took down Suicune with nothing but Farfetch’d a month ago, we decided to do another one with Delibird.

Dragon Tail/Earthquake was our first attempt. We failed on the 28th. We decided to catch some more birds and try again against Mud Shot/Anything for a better chance. We ended up not finding any Mud Shot Groudon for the second attempt, but the weather turned to Snowy and we thought with the weather boost we had a better shot even against Dragon Tail.

In the end we got revenge against the same moveset we failed two days before, Dragon Tail/Earthquake.

We braved -10 Celsius, frozen fingers and severe lag in the rejoin lobby (No, we were not chilling in the lobby before rejoining, we were battling with the lag).

And as was the case with Farfetch’d, we had a blast doing this challenge. But maybe we’ll wait until spring for the next one!

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