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For Honor - Frost Wind Festival

For Honor Receives Its First Winter Event, Frost Wind Festival

As most of the developers love to do, winter events are something familiar, and they’re being added in the spirit of the upcoming winter holidays. One of them is For Honor. Ubisoft has decided to add a new seasonal event which is going to add a new game mode, Ice Brawlers, which is going to affect only 2v2 brawl matches.

For Honor - Frost Wind Festival

Players will get the chance to receive extra rewards. Extra winter-themed items, cosmetics, effects and more will be added in For Honor. Worry not; you won’t be needed to strictly play 2v2 to get any of the rewards, as they will be available in any game mode during the Frost Wind Festival. Something similar to what online communities get, especially in big games.

Ice Brawlers 2v2 will set the battle at the surface of a frozen lake, which is going to cause extra worries among attendees. Overall, it seems like the event shall bring a pure fun to all the For Honor players. It’s not mine to speak about since I have quit playing For Honor, but I doubt if the community will support the event. I guess, and I hope it will.

Just as a reference, recently, Valve has added the new Frostivus event to Dota 2 which has received a countless number of critics.

Back to the subject, as a celebration of the new Frost Wind Festival event, Ubisoft has published a launch trailer. In it, you can see the environment of the unique frozen lake map, as well as some of the new cosmetics added to the game.



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