List of 50 New Gen 3 Pokemon Live Now in Pokemon Go

The wait is now over Trainers, as Gen 3 is officially announced and confirmed by the Pokemon Go company, including 50 Pokemon, first seen in the Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire video games, as well as new features, the weather system, the battle parties and much more.

There are 50 new Gen 3 Pokemon appearing in the wild and during Raids, as confirmed by the Pokemon Go community, and here is the list:

  1. Absol (only in raids)
  2. Azurill Baby
  3. Beautifly
  4. Blaziken
  5. Breloom
  6. Cascoon
  7. Combusken
  8. Delcatty
  9. Dustox
  10. Electrike
  11. Gardevoir
  12. Grovyle
  13. Grumpig
  14. Gulpin
  15. Hariyama
  16. Kirlia
  17. Linoone
  18. Makuhita
  19. Manectric
  20. Marshtomp
  21. Mawile (only in raids)
  22. Medicham
  23. Meditite
  24. Mightyena
  25. Minun – Regional, available only in Europe and Asia
  26. Mudkip
  27. Nuzleaf
  28. Plusle – Regional, available only in North and South America
  29. Poochyena
  30. Ralts
  31. Roselia
  32. Sceptile
  33. Seedot
  34. Seviper – Regional
  35. Shiftry
  36. Shroomish
  37. Silcoon
  38. Skitty
  39. Slaking
  40. Slakoth
  41. Spoink
  42. Swalot
  43. Swampert
  44. Torchic
  45. Treecko
  46. Vigoroth
  47. Wurmple
  48. Wynaut Baby
  49. Zangoose – Regional
  50. Zigzagoon
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