No matter how good it looks so far, Far Cry 5 may be quite provocative

I mean, viewing some of the best online gaming newspapers, it seems like Ubisoft may have consciously put themselves in trouble. Judging by all the recent press releases, it feels like Far Cry 5 will hold a national and political themed story. It remains to be seen whether or not is going to have an impact on today’s politics. However, fans may find Far Cry 5 quite disappointing title to spend their time on.

Having a political-themed game is not that simple and usual for gamers, nor relate to the word “gaming” as a whole. Especially not when it comes to a game like Far Cry 5. I am honestly scared of where this could go and what may turn out to be a collateral damage to both Ubisoft and the fans.

Montana, which is in danger of the Heaven’s Gate cult is about is going to be saved by who else if not the player. That means, you, behind the PC, will need to eradicate cult members and cleanse the shadow upon Montana with an old but fashioned way of shooting. You know how they do that nowadays. I mean, everything is possible after COD WWII received a holographic weapon sight… if you know what I mean.

Back to the subject, it feels like the game leans towards a political side of view. As a proof to all of this, PC Gamer has announced something about it.

People will speculate about its political comment and Ubisoft will say it has none. But if it has no politics, why were all the homes I encountered so destitute (albeit large and with beautiful views)? Why are these people, in Montana, especially susceptible to a deadly cult? Why does the box art have a big ol’ American flag prominently pictured?

It seems dubious not to believe to one of the top gaming content creators around the world. On the other side, Ubisoft appears to neglect any of this as of course, because it is their game and everything they own it is legitimately created, without taking a piece of real-life situations. For what we’ve seen so far, spoilers indicate on such story to expect.

From gamer’s point of view. They just want fun. Players tolerate as much as they can until you step on their nerves. But, experiencing something that has a connection to racism or politics might be crucial and devastating.

Far Cry 5, as we said, is set up in America, so they’re the first and most affected by the impact of the game’s story and where it will be heading, so they’ll have the upper word.

Far Cry 5 launches on March 27, 2018, and is expected to offer a significant weapon arsenal and weapon customization.

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