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One of the most popular Twitch Streamers, DrDisrespect, admits to Infidelity, Fans Disappointed

Sadly, it’s not nice to hear about someone’s private life. But, when it comes to someone trendy, the fans begin to overexaggerate. Namely, a very famous twitch streamer, DrDisrespect has unveiled a secret to his fans. Something that most of the mature people are scared of. It is like when the glass gets full and starts to pour over, and you cannot keep it to yourself. Apparently, DrDisrespect or Guy Beahm has been unfaithful to his wife and is going to take a short-term pause from streaming.

Being one of the most popular PUBG streamers, DrDisrespect and his Slick Daddy Club have had such a good moments, until yesterday.

Below you can find the VOD, Skip to 00:02:00. What DrDisrespect Said is:

I have a beautiful family, and a wife, and kid and I want to be transparent that I’ve been Unfaithful.

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Hopefully, things will work out between him and his wife and DrDisrespect will be back to entertain the Slick Daddy Club after things get well. Before terminating the stream, he apologized to his Sponsors as well.

DrDisrespect has recently signed with Razor, the top-notch gaming accessories company. Will the two times back-to-back blockbuster video game champion get back is about to be seen.



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