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Ubisoft announces Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Season Pass, Available Now

Like it or not, there is another pack of Operators on our doorstep. Offering various of different Operations and of course, Operators, Ubisoft provides the community a new content and chance to experience something different. Therefore, Ubisoft has just announced that Year 3 DLC is available to purchase.

Like previous seasons, the new Season Pass will include eight new Operators, Maps, and additional content, including the fact owners, will have the chance to experience the fun seven days before the official release.

What I love to say, it’s a modern-day Counter-Strike, and I found it as one. Recently, Ubisoft has announced that Rainbow Six Siege has received a pool of 25 million players, which without a doubt makes R6Siege a noisy and excellent title to try. Back to the subject, the Year 3 Season Pass will include operators from all the countries around the world. Ubisoft has noted, Russia, France, Italy, UK, and US as some of them, including Morocco.

Frankly speaking, Ubisoft should aim at adding Operators from smaller countries around the world. We already have Russian Operators in the game. We should get a replacement. However, it smells that the marketing plan has already been done and there’s no back from there.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Season Pass costs 29,99 EUR and is already placed on Steam as well.



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