Aggron Duo Possible, Here is the First Team to Beat the Raid Boss Using only Machamps

The impossible is now possible Trainers, Aggron have been defeated by two Lvl 40 Mystic Pokemon Go players, TwoForTea and TimLeeTum, using an army of Machamp, with 0 seconds left on the clock.

A lot of Pokemon Go players, including myself, thought that Aggron is hard Raid Boss to defeat, and defeating it can be done by 4 or more Trainers and nothing less than that. But it looks like most of us were wrong, and today two Pokemon Go players Lvl 40 part of Mystic Team, have defeated Aggron using high CP Machamps (lowest 2821, highest 2889), with 0 seconds on the clock.

The two Trainers are part of Pokebattler team, and they’ve made an analysis and a video of why this Aggron duo was so difficult and you can check it out below. The analysis is made by celandro, and the following info can be found on TSR as well.

360s for a duo at the 99th percentile seemed just out of reach with raid lag and early battle endings and such. We are still doing analysis as to why we were wrong. Perhaps its just they got very lucky. We have seen 347s in an extremely lucky sim so perhaps its simply that.

More likely the way we are feeding energy into the boss is not accurate. If you watch the video, you will see perfectly in sync Machamps setting off specials together. This coordinated attacking will overflow energy bars and causes specials to be a bit more delayed than they should be.

One other possibility is at the beginning of gen 3 when the new UI came out, I did frame by frame analysis of attacks. I noticed that attacks would often be 1 frame later than you would expect. This averaged out to a 25ms extra server-side penalty. This may be internet or phone lag induced or perhaps this bug has gone away on Niantic’s side. I need to do more analysis.”

I have to say that this is the most impressive thing ever seen done in Pokemon Go, hats off! Check out the video.

In other news, the region-exclusive Pokemon, Mr. Mime defeated Machamp in 1v1 Raid Battle, and you can watch the “epic” brawl here.

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