It appears that BioWare’s Anthem is nowhere near a full release in 2018

Some press releases claimed that Anthem is nowhere near a full release in 2018 as it is simply impossible. It is hard to achieve the goal of a complete and perfect sci-fi MMO RPG in such a short period after its announcement on E3 2017. For what most of us know, the intrigue of the E3 announcement was amazing, and we’re left on that.

Anthem World

However, there has been something whirling around a couple of days now, involving the development of Anthem. As Kotaku announced, it appears that unknown sources have revealed some additional information regarding Anthem’s development. On the other side, BioWare and EA appear to remain silent, so no one knows who’s actually talking the truth.

As a development studio you probably want to paint a whole new picture for all the gamers around the world, thus making a game with an enormous gross potential becomes a reason. If we further clarify the statement, there’s a reason why BioWare becomes a single-game development studio. Their goal is to simply speed up the process of creation and release the game as soon as possible.

On the other side, we have EA, for which as a publisher wants to publish the game sooner than later and grab the goodies. If you know what I mean… Something similar to what happened to The Division for which Massive’s developers must’ve been bitter because of the appearance of all the incidents after the full release.

Well, hopefully, we won’t have to deal with the same issues in Anthem, because, according to Kotaku’s unknown sources, Anthem’s development studio has just turned their focus on the game. Hence, it will be a good title to enjoy playing, innit? As it was presented on E3 2017, those crispy and new looking mechanics that we’re about to discover should be bug-free. God, I love that term but it is hard to find it in most of today’s MMOs.

BioWare’s pressure for releasing Anthem must be enormous. Having titles like The Division, which lately appears to be booming, and Destiny 2 who disappointed many of its fans. Anthem must be something unique to overcome these two titles. Therefore, it appears that Anthem’s full release is most likely to happen in early 2019, and a closed beta in late 2018.

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