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Assassin’s Creed: Unity needs a photo mode and the community has undoubtedly confirmed it

Assassins Creed Unity is one of the most print-screen demanding games because of its impressive looking landscapes… if you know what I mean. I have been looking for something like this but never took the initiative to turn an inquiry out of it. Well, the community saves the day once again, as a thread on Reddit regarding this issue appears to be quite upvoted.

In AC Unity anyone can be brought into a situation where he just must take a screenshot. The design and graphics quality is just perfect, and every single detail seems like… alive. Therefore, the community has decided to both ask and confirm that a photo mode in Assassin’s Creed Unity will be a winner to the whole community.

A 4K resolution screenshot looks like nothing else but a glimpse of real life. Plus, if you decide to use a Reshade to modify some of the texture, it is the bread and the butter. It is Ubisoft’s turn. The thing is that some less favorite online games already offer their own photo mode, but Ubisoft doesn’t. Even if it provides free cam, it does not seem like player’s favorite yet.

Thanks to Jounichu for reminding us again how good looking game Assassin’s Creed Unity is. Therefore, we encourage you to take a screenshot that can beat this one. It looks like the picture is not made in a video game, but a real life.



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  1. Isn’t Nvidias Ansel able to work in this game??

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