Here is How to Buy a Lot of Raid Passes in Pokemon Go and Save Money at the Same

A Pokemon Go player who goes by the name of djf881 on Reddit, has recently made a very useful info on TSR in which he explains how to buy a lot of Raid Passes and save some money.

Djf881 explains how he had seen some comments that raids cost $1 each. To make it clear to everyone, if you plan to do a lot of raids, the premium raid passes cost 0,50 cents.

  • The larger bundle of Pokecoins you get, the more coins you get per dollar. For example, if you spend $10 you will get 120 coins per dollar. If you spend $100 you will get 14,500, or 145 per dollar.
  • There are also deals, mainly on the iTunes Store. At least once a month, you can get $100 card for $85.
  • Niantic also does frequent sales. They sell special boxes that have 6 raid passes for 480 coins. We can see these kinds of deals during all of the events. This is 20% off raid passes in coin costs. If you are a raid person and buy passes regularly, these deals can be quite effective and budget-friendly and we advise you to stock up on enough passes while they are on a sale.

If you have a discounted $100 card for $85, you can spend that on 14,500 coins and then you can buy special boxes. This means that you can get 180 raid passes for $85. That is 0,47 cents per pass. Sounds great, right?

Big thanks to djf881 for making this analysis and sharing it with us. Head out to his Reddit account, and give the man an upvote for his great work.

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