Confirmed List of All 23 New Gen 3 Pokemon, Super Incubator in Shop

New 23 Gen Pokemon are now spawning in Pokemon Go worldwide, and Super Incubators are back in the shop for a limited time.

Pokemon Go’s Gen 3 family is now getting bigger by 23 new species, available to catch in the wild:

  1. Anorith
  2. Aron (does nest, shiny, 1km buddy distance)
  3. Aggron (Raid Boss)
  4. Armaldo
  5. Baltoy (hatches from 5km eggs, does nest)
  6. Cacnea
  7. Cacturne
  8. Camerumpt
  9. Claydol
  10. Cradilly
  11. Exploud
  12. Flygon
  13. Lairon
  14. Lileep
  15. Loudred
  16. Nosepass (hatches from 5km eggs)
  17. Numel
  18. Solrock/Lunatone
  19. Torkoal (possibly Regional)
  20. Trapinch (5km for buddy distance)
  21. Vibrava
  22. Whismur

Here you can find all Gen 3 shinies, thanks to Chrales.

For last, Super Incubators are now on sale for a limited time, and the price for one is 200 PokeCoins.  Super Incubators are a terrible investment unless you’re running 9 incubators. If you’re running 9 incubators, it’ll help you hatch faster and get through more eggs. Any less and your overall egg hatching won’t improve.

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