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Even if PUBG achieved 3 Million Concurrent Players, there’s still room for more

We know that many games haven’t encountered PUBG’s recent success, except maybe Blizzard’s WoW back in 2010 and after Legion was released. The release of the Demon Hunter inevitably brought a whole new spectrum of players, while the retired ones have come back to maintain their favorite character. Now, back to PUBG, it feels like the success might grow to what no one has ever witnessed.

As in any other less popular game where cheating and meeting cheaters is a quite common thing, the numbers in PUBG are a lot higher than what we’re used to seeing over the past. Thanks to its recent success of 3 million concurrent players, PUBG has become one of a kind, and it plainly speaks to its current success.

What we want to point out is if we sit down and analyze PUBG’s recent success, you will see that implementing an Anti-Cheat system surely boosts its gross and the developer gets the whole cake, not just a portion of it. That’s exactly what happens with PUBG. While Bluehole hasn’t announced how many cheaters were banned throughout this journey, BattleEye has announced it. Believe it or not, BattleEye has banned over 1.500.000 players until now, which is kind of shocking. Where do you think all these players will go? Well, they will come back, sooner or later.

Not to forget, PUBG received an improvement in the cheat detection platform, which has successfully dealt with all those pesky cheats.

Just before the day of PUBG’s breaking success of 3 million concurrent players, BattleEye has stated that 1,500,000 cheaters are annihilated from PUBG. Even after the denial of that many cheaters to successively infiltrate the game’s code, PUBG has successfully hit 3 million concurrent players with ease. Some of them probably returned buying another copy of the game, some of them not, but the game will undoubtedly grow more when people decide to stop cheating and commit to the game seriously.

It’s a phenomenon that we haven’t seen of for quite some time. After adding Miramar as a new map and 1.0 has become available, Bluehole has also improved the game to a whole better level. It feels like Bluehole is just warming up.

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