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Far Cry 5 Pre-Launch Gameplay Live Stream Showcases the whole Arsenal, Weapon Skins, Wildlife

Far Cry 5 brings a whole arsenal of weapons to the game. RPGs, SMGs, ARs, there’s everything, including a bow. While the devs are still showcasing Far Cry 5’s cool features on its pre-launch gameplay live stream, we’ve been introduced to the whole arsenal of weapons the game will include. Beyond that, the difficulties you choose are quite significant because they will reflect on your gameplay.

Furthermore, Ubisoft Montreal has showcased the world of Montana introducing never-seen-before gameplay footage. What excites me the most is the dynamic world that Far Cry 5 offers. As you progress throughout the game, the game builds upon itself. It’s that kind of game where the story is kind of irrelevant.

Far Cry 5 will include 3 difficulties, easy, normal and hard, where hard will enable the AI to kind of improve their moves and become a lot stronger to takedown. Keep in mind that Far Cry 5 won’t include a third-person perspective, for which challenging them will become far more important.

Whether is that a co-op or a single player mode, you can enjoy the whole new content Far Cry 5 offers. In all the Far Cry series, we enjoyed discovering the wildlife, and Far Cry 5 will include the same. Here and there, it’s useless to talk about it without reviewing the live stream yourself.


Do not worry, Ubisoft has already shown some of the weapon customizations and they look quite satisfying, of course, to those who find cosmetics fun content to tweak with. You know, hunting the cult in style while having those pesky skins applied on your weapon might look cool.  If you want to review the whole live stream you can find it below:



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