Fortnite BR is on PUBG’s tail, Surpassed 2 million concurrent players

Epic Games, as first, the creator of Unreal Engine 4, then after quite a long time Fortnite, appears to be getting a fantastic success with their Fortnite BR. In a recent interview, Eric Williamson has discovered that Fortnite has surpassed 2 million concurrent players, which is 1 million less than what Bluehole PUBG has recently achieved.

Fortnite Battle Royale

It appears that we have the two most anticipated games nowadays, battling each other for the trophy of who’s better. Eric Williamson has confirmed that Fortnite’s concurrent player’s number is above 2 million in a recent interview made by Eurogamer.

Due to recent changes and adding new city areas to Fortnite BR, including the Cozy campfire update, a higher ratio of players are joining the Fortnite’s family. One of the most successful factors to bring Fortnite to this level is also the optimization of the game, which has only been improving over the past period.

Below you can find the map changes that are about to come to Fortnite, which is expected to bring a whole new level of excitement, thus enlarge its player base number by far.

Overall, this allows the developers to focus on delivering more features to the game, despite the already existing and cool-looking weapons and mechanics the game offers. As they appear to say, it is probably the biggest Battle Royale game in the Western World.

Fortnite is receiving excessive support from all around the world, and we expect the support to stop nevermore, considering the fact we’re talking about an entirely free-to-play-game.

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