Kyogre Defeated by 3 Trainers, Here is a Guide How to Beat and Catch the Legendary Pokemon

The last Legendary Pokemon, available to battle and catch in Pokemon Go until February 14 at 1:00 PM PST, is Kyogre. At first, many Pokemon Go Trainers have been saying how hard is to beat and catch Kyogre, including myself, but today, a group of 3 players from Canada has successfully defeated the Water Type Legendary Pokemon, without weather boost, using only Raikou as the main attacker.

Three Pokemon Go Trainers from Toronto, Canada, all Lvl 40, using only the Electric Type Legendary Pokemon Raikou, mostly level 40 with a few level 38.5 at 15A and one at level 35 due to running out of rare candy, with Thunder Shock/Wild Charge, have defeated Kyogre with 15 seconds to spare. They’ve shared a video with the Pokemon Go community, and it looks like they’ve had problems catching Kyogre at the end. So, for that matter, a Mystic Lvl 40 player from Asia, made a guide and a very helpful video on how to get excellent throws on Kyogre, which can be found after the video.

Here is how to get excellent throws on Kyogre (video included, skip the first 2 minutes):

  1. Locking the excellent circle, which is smaller than Groudon’s.
  2. Kyogre goes right and left and then comes closer to you, which makes it harder to catch. So, to put Kyogre back in the middle, turn on AR and then immediately turn it off and wait for the “attack.”
  3. Don’t risk throwing a PokeBall when Kyogre goes right or left because you’ll most probably miss.
  4. Initiate the spin and throw on either the lower left or right corner (Spinning: anti-clockwise for left, clockwise for right), at around 60 degrees, release your hand at the middle of the opposite side (nearly on the edge, or just right on the edge)
  5. This technique requires a lot of practicing and more precision than throwing excellent Ball on Groudon.

For last, don’t forget – Great Box and Ultra Box are now back in Pokemon Go and they are on sale, only for a limited time, offering some very cool items this time. You can find the contents here, as well as a suggestion on what Box is a better deal.

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