We need more medieval games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance

A vast open world that is yet to be experienced. I get this feeling like we need more of these Medieval Games, who at the end of the day they always end up short. Most likely they suffer from the low amount of players. Well, luckily, Kingdom Come: Deliverance might turn things around.

Now that we’re before its release, which is about to happen on 13th of February this year, it is good to overview what the game has accomplished as a whole. Not many medieval games offer crafting, skills, and are classified as a First-Person RPG Medieval game. But, in the name of the genre itself, it appears that Kingdom Come: Deliverance is yet to set new strategy and approach for which players might find quite exciting.

I’ll try to be short on every one of the following lines below.

Let’s start with the questing. If you have tried the beta, it appears that Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers quit exciting quests. There’s nothing better than following quest lines alongside which excels the exact storyline the game provides. It appears that many that have experienced the beta found that Kingdom Come: Deliverance might come out as a winner among many medieval games, which in turn may set a new standard on future games of this genre.

Now, when it comes to graphics, at first place, players were skeptic. However, after multiple delays on the game’s final release date, it appears that Warhorse studios have excessively worked on the graphics details, so now, of players’ perspective, it looks like you’re put in the right era. Of course, that aligns with the story and given quests, which makes the player feel bound to the given era, and again, in the Genre’s name.

Medieval games have been noticing quite some fails, grasping a hard and tough momentum over their community. Well, we’re yet to discover what Kingdom Come: Deliverance will offer after its full release. Spoiler Alert, you’ll need to travel more to inquire your required setup, which makes the story yet harder to experience. Players might find this boring, but hey, it is what a game of this genre should offer, as its Open Vast world has to be discovered and experienced the way it needs to.

Hardcore gamers mostly anticipate hard games, and that is a thing we cannot crop out of the picture. Which is…… just another reason why Kingdom Come: Deliverance may bring news to the Medieval world of games. And yet we’re eager to discover the complete set of mechanics this game will offer, regarding skills, crafting, and more. Caution, the addictiveness is at a whole new level as soon as you jump in the game, which makes it look even more exciting.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance will release on 13th of February on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Angel Kicevski

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