Niantic Refunds Some Premium Raid Passes used on Kyogre pre 0.89.1 version update

Update: January 21, 2018, @15:20 – Here is another email sent by a Pokemon Go player, and this time Niantic gave him 3 Premium Raid Passes.

Previous Story: The Legendary Water Type Pokemon from Gen 3, Kyogre, is available to battle and catch as a Raid Boss in Pokemon Go until February 14, and I have to say Kyogre is by far the hardest Legendary Pokemon to catch. There have been a lot of reports from the Pokemon Go community, saying that this Legendary is almost impossible to catch, and some of them have used more than 7 Premier Balls in order to catch it.

For this matter, a Pokemon Go player Lvl 40, has decided to contact Niantic support and see why this Pokemon is so hard to catch. Luckily for him, he received an email from Niantic and extra 5 Premium Raid Passes.

Niantic’s email thanks to a Redditor called mrmousepad

“Thanks for writing to us

It gives me pleasure to assist a player who has already reached Lvl 40 in Pokemon Go.

As fellow Trainers, I know it was difficult to catch Kyogre Pokemon earlier. Yes, the best part is that the update has been rolled out and now it is easier to catch it.

As a small gesture for the trouble, we’ve processed an addition of 5 Premium Raid Passes to your account so that you can have additional opportunities to catch it before Feb 14. I kindly request you to log out and log in back to see the items in your account.

Feel free to reach out to us if you need further assistance in future.

Patrick, Niantic Support”

It looks like Niantic will refund at least some of your Premium Raid Passes used on Kyogre pre .89 update. There is no info on what the person wrote first, so as soon as I have any info, I will make sure to update this article. You can now find the update at the top of the article.

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