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Ubisoft adds new R6 Siege Pro Team Charms

Ubisoft has decided to add new Rainbow Six Siege Pro Team Charms. It’s not just anything in the game, but yet it’s a chance for players to support their professional teams. Something similar to Dota 2’s pennants where players can buy them, and while watching them playing, they could earn rewards. Well, at least that’s how it was before.

In this scenario, all the Pro Rainbow Six Siege teams will receive a percentage of the revenue. More precisely, as Ubisoft stated, 30% of Ubisoft’s revenue will go to the Charm representative team. We all know that the esports is taking a big swing in progress and evolution. Therefore this kind of support is much appreciated for all the professional teams.

Being a retired one, I know how rough paycheck rolls are, and how annoying would they become if you stay at the same level for quite a bit of time. Not many gamers had the chance to taste the peanut butter in gaming. Therefore, I can agree with this kind of system to any of the esports games that require a high amount of competitivity.

Furthermore, Ubisoft has decided that most of the R6 Siege items, skins, and uniforms will be much more accessible to unlock by using Renown currency. No more hiding skins behind a paywall. Rainbow Six Siege has been growing over the past period. Both the community and developers have found a common language, which has amazingly transformed into a successful relationship.



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