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Ubisoft brings more cosmetics and new game mode to Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands

I do not know much about you, but anytime I check what’s new in some of the games published by Ubisoft I always find something unusual. It feels like Ubisoft is roughly trying to bring more cosmetics to their games. Before a couple of days, R6 Siege received new cosmetics. Now it’s time for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon.


Despite the fact that the new update is related Extended Ops, are skins and several other cosmetics much needed by the community? Well, according to my knowledge, we live in such a twisted era where cosmetics are more acceptable than content. What’s so-called nowadays, skins offer customization experience. Who da hell needs content?

Watching wildlands’ update timeline, it smells like we’ll be getting cosmetics in every single consecutive update. Sadly, I cannot judge the new update and go against it when most of the people accept it. Like it or not, Battle Crates are the next upcoming content we’ll be getting to play

Oh, my bad, wait. There is going to be additional content, but instead, it’s not content but yet a new PVP game mode called Extraction. Let’s stop with the roasting because now we’re talking about a new PVP game mode.

Extraction offers a real change in the PVP perspective of the game, where players will need to possess a good set of skills to defend or attack the hostage location. To win, the attacking team of players will need only to extract one of the hostages. It is quite an excellent matchmaking, and you better have available friends to join the action for max joy. This ladies and gentleman, this should be the only thing developers are focusing on.



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