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Yuzu: a brand new Nintendo Switch Emulator is about to develop

Well, after multiple witnessed emulators, it was about time to receive one of a kind. We’re talking about a Nintendo Switch Emulator which is yet to be discovered. The same company that has been working on the Citra emu, is about to make the new Yuzu emu which is going to be the one for the Nintendo Switch.

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It appears that lately, a lot of the gaming population is using Emulators to play their favorite games on the PC platform. Luckily, they will be able to play video games that can be played on the Nintendo Switch, and we’re just waiting for the final blow.

The Nintendo Switch emu project has started in early 2017, and is getting close to its finish. After numerous of difficulties the team is back on track, and will offer builds for Windows, Linux and macOS. The first build of yuzu can be found and downloaded from the GitHub repository. It may run some games, but be cautious, as you may experience some crashes.



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