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Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944 and its fast-paced gameplay reminds us of Call of Duty 2

Let’s cut all the talk and just take care of what is today’s Battalion 1944 and how the game offers a glimpse of Call of Duty 2. It is a fast-paced game offering different game modes for which fans might find quite interesting. It makes me nostalgic and takes me back in the CoD 2 era, where skill mattered.

Battalion 1944

I remember playing COD 2 like crazy. I’ve had a right amount of friends willing to play COD 2, and we have managed to turn every night into a brutal COD 2 fight back in the days. Now, Battalion 1944 kind of did the same, for which is the reason I found myself back in 2005.

At first look, Battalion 1944 sounds like “we do not need another WW2 game we have COD: WW 2. And then if you just play one game you’ll find yourself wanting to play one more. It is that noxious, for which it made me play a couple of games in a row without even getting tired of it.

With its fast and wild gameplay, Battalion 1944 may become quite successful. Furthermore, Battalion 1944 is still in early access, and we’re eager to find out what this game will bring in near future. However, for an FPS title, it surely satisfies its fans. Considering the somewhat positive than negative reviews, it appears that it’s on an excellent track.

Indie games are quite a thing nowadays. Hence it’s hard to find a game which offers pleasant and satisfying gameplay. Therefore, if you’re bored with anything else and available to spend a couple of bucks, do not tighten your pocket for Battalion 1944, as it might turn to be your favorite very soon.



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