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Castform and Deoxys Stats and Moves Added to Pokemon Go, They should be Here Any time Now

Trainers, this is just in! Our fellow data miner Chrales, “strikes again” and this time he reveals Castform’s and Deoxys’ stats changes in the Game_Master file.

With Chrales’ latest discovery, I’m 100% sure to see Castform and Deoxys in the following seven days, and maybe, just maybe, they will be part of Valentine’s event 2018. This is yet to be confirmed.

What we know so far are the updated Castform’s and Deoxys’ stats and moves, and it looks like Castform forms are permanent, and each form will have specific moves.

pokemon_id: CASTFORM

  • base_capture_rate: 0.30000001192092896
  • base_stamina: 140
  • base_attack: 139
  • base_defense: 139


template_id: “V0351_POKEMON_CASTFORM_NORMAL”

  • quick_moves: TACKLE_FAST
  • quick_moves: HEX_FAST
  • cinematic_moves: HURRICANE
  • cinematic_moves: ENERGY_BALL

template_id: “V0351_POKEMON_CASTFORM_RAINY”

  • quick_moves: WATER_GUN_FAST
  • quick_moves: TACKLE_FAST
  • cinematic_moves: HYDRO_PUMP
  • cinematic_moves: THUNDER

template_id: “V0351_POKEMON_CASTFORM_SNOWY”

  • quick_moves: POWDER_SNOW_FAST
  • quick_moves: TACKLE_FAST
  • cinematic_moves: BLIZZARD
  • cinematic_moves: ICE_BEAM

template_id: “V0351_POKEMON_CASTFORM_SUNNY”

  • quick_moves: EMBER_FAST
  • quick_moves: TACKLE_FAST
  • cinematic_moves: FIRE_BLAST
  • cinematic_moves: SOLAR_BEAM

pokemon_id: DEOXYS

  • base_capture_rate: 0.019999999552965164
  • base_stamina: 1
  • base_attack: 1
  • base_defense: 1


  • quick_moves: ZEN_HEADBUTT_FAST
  • quick_moves: COUNTER_FAST
  • cinematic_moves: PSYCHO_BOOST
  • cinematic_moves: ZAP_CANNON
  • cinematic_moves: SWIFT

It has been a long day today, and I know that there have been a lot of new things regarding Pokemon Go, but charge your batteries, get ready for tomorrow,  cancel your weekend plans and of course, catch ’em all!

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