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For Honor will finally receive Dedicated Servers on February 19th

Even if they’re coming a little too late, it appears that Ubisoft has finally made the call. Therefore, For Honor will receive an improved connection itself thanks to the new dedicated servers. We do not know why it took so long for their installment. However, the main thing’s that they’re coming soon.

Judging by social networks and hardcore players that used to be playing For Honor quite a lot, Ubisoft has made their real project a whole lot of failure. Well, believe it or not, P2P connection in 2K18 is still a thing, and we have to work hard to prevent it from happening in future.

Back to the main subject, on 19th of February, despite the variety of updates that came to For Honor recently, Dedicated Servers will be launched. Not only they will improve the latency between players, but will also contribute to a better balance. It is expected to be a right amount of refreshment for everyone and should allow everyone a better experience.

This, on the other side, it will also remove the NAT requirements for which I find to be very annoying. Knowing that Age of Wolves is before a release as well, this might turn to be the best update that Ubisoft has ever released. Also, whoever has tested the dedicated servers on the test version of the game, can easily confirm how improved everything felt.

We’re looking forward to this update in For Honor. One thing remains weird but sure, Ubisoft tends to improve their games after their launch, and as such examples, you can take a look at The Division or Rainbow Six Siege.



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