Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Our first impressions

Now, I finally understand why they entitled the game as the most anticipated game for 2018. It has everything literally, but sadly, we cannot speak that much in details since we have a lot of unfinished quests to discover.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The most amazing part was when we’ve almost spent around 3 hours of gameplay when the official game introduction appeared. Another surprising thing is that the world, as stated before, shapes by player’s actions. So, if you’re planning on buying this game, or you already have it but still in early phase, make sure you do not act cocky because some actions of yours may bring you suffer.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance inevitably includes a vast world you have to experience on your own. However, since we’re still discovering it by doing main quests, we’d love to talk about this a bit later. The only thing that bothers us is the optimization, which kind of limits us to 50-60 fps and nothing more than that. But, no matter the defects, the story is quite enjoying, and the whole world interactions are just marvelous.

Did you want immersive? You got it. Let’s continue forward.


The combat system is what I’d love to call kill or be killed. One mistake and you’re pretty much out of the game, which purely adds the need for an exceptional close combat skill.

Having the chance to go to a melee or range fight, Warhorse Studios has done quite an amazing job. It’s HARD! Before you encounter all of this, you’ll be burning on the training grounds until you master the combat training. It comes as a quest, or similar to it, and it is quite amazing.

Inventory, Looting, Questing

Well, there are a couple of ways you can obtain gear. By doing quests, steal, kill, trade, and more. It definitely has more than any other game you have ever seen. You have 20 slots to equip your character. Imagine how much that is. Like, I have played various of games, and none of them require that many pieces of your character. However, there’s always first.

Therefore, Kingdom Come: Deliverance kind of steps out of any other RPG with its looting system. As we mentioned, having different ways of requiring a gear piece, you’ll be amazed at what Kingdom Come: Deliverance offers. I hate to say it, but it kind of offers too much :).

Regarding the quests, we’d love to mention their requirements of self-consciousness, so you better have one. You may be pushed to do some peculiar things and be cautious on your way of doing it. Oh and yeah, do not worry, you’ll get in jail as well, sooner or later.

Cut Scenes

I’ve had to only make a separate section for the Cut Scenes since they’re amazing from the beginning. Everything seems realistic, and Warhorse Studios has to be proud of it. It is even overwhelming.


Well, sadly, this had to be mentioned, but it’s nothing compared to what the game itself offers. You may experience some issues, and they might be quite annoying too, but until now we have managed to recover from any of them, so there’s no room for a riot.


As I have mentioned before, the only thing it matters is the optimization. However, as you move through, the story is more enjoying than paying attention to the FPS drops. You won’t even notice them, to be honest.

Before I finish with this story of ours, worry not, we think that Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a great game to spend your free time. Spoiler Alert, you’ll probably get deep into it, as the game seems to be very long, and on the way of mastering your skills, you’ll find some mechanics you have never seen before in many other games. It’s time to hop back to the game.

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