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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Launch Trailer is out, tomorrow is a big day

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has received its launch trailer before a couple of hours, and of course, before its glorious day of release. As all of you know, we’re talking about a medieval game that’s yet ready to bring new hights in the RPG genre.

On one side of the story, there are the players who cannot wait for tomorrow and experience the mastermind behind this medieval game. Kingdom Come: Deliverance will include a vast open world, and Warhorse Studios has claimed that player’s actions will be the cause of shaping the story within.

Furthermore, players have already stated that a significant update of around 20gb is currently ongoing and you need to re-download Kingdom Come: Deliverance, no matter the platform. What we know so far is that it is some finalization of the product, so players will be safe to play without encountering any further issues. Now, sadly, we do not know what kind of problem has appeared, but apparently, Warhorse Studios have managed to release the update on all the platforms, and you all need to re-download it.

Below you can find the official Launch Trailer, and prepare for tomorrow’s release.



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