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Mewtwo Defeated by an Army of Murkrow, Now I Have Seen Everything…

Mewtwo, the Legendary Pokemon available to battle and catch only with an EX Raid pass invitation, was defeated by 11 Pokemon Go Trainers, using only Murkrow as the main attacker.

A total of 11 Pokemon Go players have gathered to test their skills and knowledge against Mewtwo, using only Murkrow as their main attacker and guess what’s the final result? They’ve successfully¬†defeated Mewtwo with 55 seconds to spare. Can you believe that?

One of the members of the group named AbsoluteCutChips from Japan has shared the video on Reddit, but unfortunately, he was not able to participate in the EX Raid. I know you might be wondering what stopped him from helping his friends and the answer is very simple…He didn’t get an EX Raid Pass :(.

But he is very happy to be a member of this awesome team and shared their strategy, saying:

“Recently enough members of our group received EX passes at the same location to attempt Murkrow only VS Mewtwo. The strategy was to immediately use max revives on our Murkrows and rejoin with the same pre-made party. We are always looking for more novelty raids to try. We have already completed Krabby VS Entei and also Roselia VS Kyogre. Those videos are forthcoming.”

Krabby vs Entei? That is something I want to see. Until the release of those videos, enjoy watching this masterpiece.



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