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Pokemon Go is Missing a Tough Tier 3 Raid for Dedicated Players

According to Zyxwgh, since Alakazam got removed from Tier 3 Raid Bosses, something went missing. Alakazam used to be perfect as a Tier 3 Raid Boss. He had a high enough Defense to be tight in time to win. It also had high Attack which brought survivability into question. It had many movesets, the easiest one being PC/FB and PC/FS and the hardest one being Co/FB and Co/SB.

Zyxwgh has also made a list on TSR what Pokemon are a good replacement for Alakazam. These Pokemon could make the game better and even more interesting for the dedicated players who want to raid solo, he explains.

  • Kingler has a base attack (BA) of 240 and a base defense (BD) of 194. He is really tough to defeat.
  • Next in his opinion is Hitmonlee. This Pokemon is with a BA of 224 and BD of 211. Mewtwo or Rayquaza can go solo here.
  • Pinsir has a BA of 238 and a BD of 197.
  • Jolteon, in the beginning, was unsoloable, but right now it can become easy if you use Groudon, or use a weather-booster generalist. This Pokemon has a BA of 232 and a BD of 201.
  • Flareon with its BA of 246 and BD of 204 can be easily defeated with Kyogre or a weather-boosted Golem/Gyarados/Vaporeon.
  • Espeon is quite similar to Alakazam. If this Pokemon has psychic moves, you need to use Tyranitar. It has a BA of 261 and a BD of 194.
  • Donphan can be soloable with Kyogre and it has a BA of 214 and a BD of 214.
  • Gardevoir is the toughest of them all. It will 6 Mewtwo and/or weather boost to beat it. It has a BA of 237 and a BD 220.
  • Gorebyss with the BA of 211 and the BD of 194 will be defeated by Raikou.

This could actually give a great “boost” to the game and I can imagine how great this would be for most players. And maybe, just maybe we will see some of these Pokemon in the next “gym shake-up.”

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