Pokemon Go Players Need to Pass a Test to Join the “Secret” Level 40 Club

PokemonGoHub has come across a “secret” Pokemon Go Club, called the Level 40 Club. They have found out about this group through some Reddit posts and a few tweets.

This club, the Level 40 Club, is limited only for verified Level 40 players. If a Level 40 player is not a member of this group, they can request to enter but they would need to pass a “minimum requirements” test on the club’s 40 Entrance Calculator.

Besides being Level 40, you would need to collect 350 points on the Entrance Calculator. After getting this amount of points, your verification process can begin.

PokemonGoHub has successfully gathered some info on few public activities the club has:

  • Monthly leaderboards, showcasing top players from the club and their achievements – from total XP, over medal count to number of caught shiny Pokemon
  • Data collection and research, gauging how various play styles correlate with EXP gain and progression on Level 40
  • Solo Raiding leaderboard where members can compete in the number of verified solo raid kills

level 40 survey

Many details are still vague, but the team at PokemonGoHub got their hands on the club’s January leaderboards and their official statement on recruitment:

“Applications to the group are now open for high achieving level 40 trainers who have achieved a minimum of 350KP. KP is a unique unit of measurement developed by the Verified TL40 Facebook Club to assess trainer accomplishment as measured by several in-game domains. If you have a Facebook account and you wish to apply for entry – you can submit your application and calculate your KP here: Verified TL40 Facebook Club Application Form. KP Calculator – click ‘make a copy’.”

Here is the leaderboard of top 10 Level 40 Pokemon Go players for the month – January:

  1. BrandonTan91 – Valor
  2. FuuBahr Bergen – Mystic
  3. Yama1989DD* – Instinct
  4. LeColty – Mystic
  5. Xorgg007 – Mystic
  6. HelsinkiTrolli – Valor
  7. HangPJs – Instinct
  8. sokotunenokuni* – Instinct
  9. kiengiv – Instinct
  10. Elisamyo – Valor

This is new to me and my team at FGR, so we decided to contact one of the members. It turns out that the club is not secret at all and it is made for hardcore players who do not like to spoof or hack. They do have verification processes but the ones who meet their criteria are more than welcomed to join the Level 40 Club. He also added that the 40 Level Club gave him even more motivation to continue playing Pokemon Go and now he is having more fun than ever, especially when it’s time for the exclusive secret parties.

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