PUBG will no longer support ReShade, time to say goodbye to the crisp clear image

There has been something suspicious going on with Reshade lately as BattleEye and Bluehole have decided to disable it in PUBG completely. It feels sad since we have had been using Reshade, from which we made our guide on how to correctly install it in PUBG.


According to one of the PUBG’s community managers, PUBG will no longer support Reshade but will avoid any strict sanctions against the users that currently have it. What this means is that BattleEye will probably block it, but will not ban users with ReShade.

Reshade has been serving lots of users using high-end gaming rigs, allowing them to tweak the look and sharpen the image by far. As Bluehole’s Community Manager stated:

One of the popular programs that will be blocked is ReShade. You will not be banned for having it on system but you will no longer be able to play PUBG while it is installed. Please uninstall ReShade (or any other blocked program) and launch the game again. Some players may find that reinstalling PUBG is also necessary.

It is sad to see such an asset being unavailable to use in PUBG, especially when you can get max advantage over the gameplay from it. It undoubtedly improved the image and made it a lot easier to spot even a tiny pixel of an enemy.

However, it is what it is, and we have to move forward. Furthermore, Bluehole has stated that there may appear new third party programs that may be blocked and advises players to report them as such ASAP. The only significant thing for Bluehole, which I support is to bring a healthy product to their customers. Starting with this change, there might be a terminus leading to something new.

As a retired professional CS player and hater of in-game cheaters, I support Bluehole’s decision to block specific programs and bring much better experience to its users.

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Angel Kicevski

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