SCUM, the upcoming survival game has introduced its new Vaulting & Climbing feature

Gamepires and Croteam might have a good product on their list. It’s just the time when it’s going to become fully available with all its features ready to go. For a survival game, it undoubtedly contains lots of elements as in real life world, especially the recently introduced rain feature, for which players may find it quite annoying but still, deeply serious as in real life.

Because we’re talking about an Open World Survival game that is set in near future, it evidently reminds us of what DayZ was at its era. But, let’s leave it there, as for now, we have something else to talk about.

So, SCUM will be getting a vaulting and climbing feature, and the reason because of that is nothing else but a competitive factor among the AAA developers. As they have announced in their video, they will include the new vaulting and climbing feature just because other games started promoting the same feature as a primary asset in the game. So, there you go. It all becomes a lot simpler.

However, after following and educating ourselves, it appears that SCUM aims to bring such realism in their game. A trigger that may twist the gaming era, or frustrate the majority of players because of how difficult the game becomes. But, after all, we’re talking about a survival open world game and SCUM, as one of those, it inevitably includes a whole new level of seriousness.

I have to be honest, the feel of a Military Sim is there as well, so we expect this game to be extremely TOUGH to play!

Below you can find the dev vlog regarding the Vaulting and Climbing feature:

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