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Skip Shaking and Caught Screen, 7 Seconds Encounter Tip in Pokemon Go

Thanks to a Pokemon Go player from Western Europe who goes by the name IIIDepence on TSR, Trainers can now learn how to skip shaking ball and caught screen. This can be very helpful for the next Community Day event. Just a reminder, the event starts on February 24 from 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM CEST, and during this time players get a chance to catch the special Pokemon Dratini and earn x3 Catch Stardust. In addition, three-hour Lures will be activated.

IIIDepence has shared a video (can be found below) and also explained how the 7 seconds encounter skip shaking ball and caught screen tip works.

When opening the Pokeball selection menu, the very left edge of the screen lets you touch not the menu but the actual encounter screen “behind” it. This makes it possible to throw a Pokeball while the Pokeball selection menu is open. Now, choosing a Pokeball while a Pokemon is about to be caught — throw accuracy is displayed, shaking ball sequence, etc. — cancels all that. That is, the catching is not being displayed but in the background, it happens. With the shaking ball, sequence canceled you can just run from the encounter and are done.”

iPhone users might have a problem getting this done, but the following tips shared by the Pokemon Go community could help:

  • Use your left thumb to drag the Pokeball selection to the left and just hold on to it, then use your right index finger to spin and catch the Pokemon. Then as soon as the runaway icon appears just click it to close. You need to close the ball selection menu first after throwing the ball so the exit icon will appear, just swipe the menu back/tap the screen when the ball hit the Pokemon.
  • On iPhone SE, it works when your finger starts on the black border around the screen and slides onto the interactive screen.

And here is how it’s done:

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