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Warcraft 3 Major Update Adds Widescreen Support, Invitational on its way

It’s been quite a long time since we have received any sort of update to Warcraft 3. It’s been a long time since Blizzard has brought this game back to the living. Well, we have something to cheer about, don’t we?

In a recent Battle.net post, Blizzard has announced that Warcraft 3 is ready to become a thing once again. Despite the widescreen support, this patch has brought further class and heroes balance updates. It appears that we’re on the verge of a new Warcraft 3 Era. God, it felt good, and we’re even more excited than anyone else is.

If you remember, back in the days there were some old school competitors, who are still playing the game on a daily basis. Therefore, with all these upcoming changes, Blizzard has decided to set up an Invitational Tournament, where all those professional players will compete. The event will hold place on February 27th and 28th, and all the fans can watch it on Twitch’s live stream.

Different game modes will be played, like Free-for-all and 4v4’s. Now we can easily claim the previous rumors to be truthful, for which it was secret. It feels good to witness yet another success, especially now when the game supports a widescreen resolution.

The following professional players will take place at Blizzard’s Invitational:


• Neo [Observer] Germany

• Remo [Observer] Germany

• Happy [Undead] Russia

• Foggy [Night Elf] Ukraine

• HawK [Human] Russia

• Effect [Human] Sweden

• ReMinD [Night Elf] South Korea

• Lyn [Orc] South Korea

• FoCuS [Orc] South Korea

• LawLiet [Night Elf] South Korea

• Grubby [Orc] Netherlands

• MaDFroG [Undead] Sweden

• Insomnia [Human] Bulgaria

• Tak3r [Orc] Germany

Keep in mind that all these changes are available on the  Public Test Realm, and you can download and play Warcraft 3 as well.



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