3 Upcoming Open World PC games to keep an eye on

It is always fun to wiggle around and predict the outcome of upcoming video games. Therefore, we’re here to speak about three upcoming video games for which you should be more than ready to anticipate all of them.

Far Cry 5

Yep, even if we did not think it would adequately fit this list, everyone has been expecting and paying attention to Far Cry 5. Therefore, despite its soon release date, it had to be included. Far Cry 5, according to many it is expected to cover a lot of gameplay content and an immersive Open-World like never before in the Far Cry series.

Even though Far Cry Primal was a bit of disappointment, Ubisoft has moved forward making the new series. Set up in the United States for the first time, its story appears to be controversial and quite long content to play, and the fight against the Cult and their religion as a hard objective to deliver. A little heads up on the release date, it is coming out in 6 days, or more precise March 27.

Metro: Exodus

It’s been quite a while since we have played the last Metro game, and everyone who played it I am sure it’s ready for a new sequel. At last year’s E3, 4A Games and their Metro: Exodus has built a considerable hype among the fans with their announce trailer. While the exact release date is still unknown, it should occur this year, better sooner than later.

While its graphics look breath-taking, the amount of content to play is expected to be huge, and the Open World to be immersive more than ever. Even if it sounds like just another Metro game, it is quite essential to keep an eye on this game as it may turn out quickly among the top sellers and hits of 2018.


And last but not least, the game that took our breath away during its appearance on E3 2017, Anthem. Anthem is a Sci-Fi Open World MMORPG game developed by BioWare. Knowing BioWare, they are kind of familiar with their work on futuristic content. Sadly, we cannot talk any further about the game since we do not know anything about it, except the fact that the whole development studio BioWare is focusing on Anthem, with a hope to finish the game by late 2018 and maybe phase it out to a Closed or Open Beta.

That being said, Anthem has a whole list of failures to learn from, failures from other MMORPG games like The Division and Destiny 2, so they should take their time before assuming the job’s done. While it may sound like an already successful game, and we can quickly look in Anthem’s future timeline and its large number of sells, the game may still fail its fanbase.

That being said Ladies and Gentleman, it’s about time to jump into the gaming world and embrace whatever is about to come, because we have a loooooot of upcoming content to enjoy playing.

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