Battlerite Patch 1.5 adds new champion Ulric and further optimizations

After the first announcement and fixes coming to Battlerite, Stunlock Studios have announced that the patch is now live. This update performs further optimizations and improves performance, and it also includes a new Champion, Ulric.

Ulric is the 26th champion in Battlerite, and yet he’s here to show us his Holy power. Battlerite Patch 1.5.0 adds new champion Ulric and further optimizations.

Ulric, trained in the holy Monastery of Resonance, has spent many years traveling the lands to spread the word of the Light. He joins the Arena now to demonstrate to allies, foes, and onlookers alike the primacy of the True Path.

Below you can find Ulric’s preview. If you’d love to see Ulric’s abilities, make sure you visit Battlerite’s official blog post.

As a free to play game, over the past, Battlerite has received many changes and performance updates, for which makes one of the most popular free real strategy games. If you haven’t tried Battlerite yet, expect to be surprised since the very beginning.

Furthermore, this update adds some UI and core gameplay improvements, for which players should experience smoother gameplay. Below you can find all of the UI changes listed on Battlerite’s official website. The new update will also make a return of Bakko’s Egg Brawl, including its Sprint Chicken Bundle.

  • Fixed a bug where the friendslist showed incorrect status for players in the pre-game lobby
  • Fixed a bug where the dropdown menu of an offline friend in the friendslist would sometimes show invalid entries
  • Shortened the “Grand Champion” Pre-Season title, as it was too long to see the entirety
  • Changed the Leaderboard to show 8 entries instead of 9 so that chat is easier to read when unfocused
  • Reduced the time it takes to fetch user profiles
  • Fixed visual representation errors for teams in the profile
  • Added new artwork into the loading screen rotation: Ulric, Rook, Thorn, Pestilus, Jumong, and Blossom
  • Leaderboards should now correctly default to the closest region to the player

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