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Community Day Protip by Professor Hickory – How to Find a 100% Bulbasaur

We are getting closer to the next Pokemon Go Community Day on March 25. This community day features Bulbasaur, and evolving into a Venusaur will get you a Venusaur with an exclusive move. What move is it? Well, we still don’t know, but we hope to be Leaf Blade. But let’s go back to the topic and use the following tip to find a 100% Bulbasaur during the 3-hour event.

Some players cannot decide which Bulbasaur to evolve. How to recognize which Bulbasaur is worth powering up? Thanks to a Pokemon Go player called Professor_Hickory from the US, we can give you the right answer. So catch some Bulbasaur, and paste the cp from below into your in-game search bar.

The following list was posted on TSR first.

Note: Getting one of these CP Bulbasaur does not mean that Bulbasaur has perfect IV’s, but if you have caught a perfect Bulbasaur, it has to have one of the following CP values!

Because you cannot technically catch a level 1.5, 2.5, etcetera pokémon, or any above level 35, this string removes the max CP for those levels to improve accuracy.

1&cp13, cp43, cp73, cp102, cp132, cp162, cp191, cp221, cp250, cp280, cp308, cp336, cp364, cp392, cp420, cp448, cp476, cp504, cp532, cp560, cp588, cp617, cp645, cp673, cp701, cp729, cp757, cp785, cp813, cp841, cp855, cp869, cp883, cp897, cp911

If you happen to accidentally power up a Bulbasaur, or have ones from before the event that you’re not sure you powered up or not, I have also made a string including .5, and 35+ level Bulbasaur.

1&cp13, cp28, cp43, cp58, cp73, cp87, cp102, cp117, cp132, cp147, cp162, cp176, cp191



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