DayZ 0.63 update shall bring functional changes, but will still miss some crucial tweaks

Will this be enough for DayZ to make a return and conquer player’s hearts once again? From a perspective of a hardcore DayZ player and for the sake of survival games, the developers have to do an exceptional job and improve the game at a fast pace. Hopefully, the 0.63 update will bring the necessary changes and streamline new success.

The DayZ development is occurring slowly, and it is a simple factor which annoys the fans of the standalone version. It is happening for years now and we’re still missing an Open Beta phase. After their internal 0.63 presentations and gameplay, the game showcased some exciting but also dull features to come to DayZ. It appears that the developers still favor improving animations among other things, which according to them plays a critical factor in the game’s overall health.

Strangely, we do not believe animations will contribute to improved gameplay or more players on the servers. But, a critical factor that the developers noted, it’s the upcoming FPS improvement. Despite the limit of how many concurrent players are on the server, we will play at 60 FPS. So, if we’re looking for a potential winner among updates, this is most likely to be the one. Playing DayZ at a stable frame rate was needed, but will it intentionally work?

You can watch the dev’s live stream down below, which will kind of consume 2 and a half hours of your free time if you wish to learn all the change within 0.63.

The most important thing would be the release date, for which the lead producer Eugen Harton discovered is happening in weeks rather than months. That means that the 0.63 Stress test should occur within a month from now, and they will allow the server owners to opt-in and experiment on their servers as well. Overall, it is considered to be an excellent update to DayZ, and we’ll be there in the name of 0.63.

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