Electronic Arts to revamp the progression system and extinguish microtransactions in Star Wars: Battlefront 2

After some serious struggles to find and offer the most balanced progression system, Electronic Arts seem to have finally done it. As we know so far, EA will revamp the whole progression system and thus improve the gameplay and add balance many players have always wanted to see.

As they have announced, the progression is becoming linear, for which nothing else except gameplay can earn you Star Cards. That means players no longer may purchase Star Cards, but only make his way through gameplay. Experience points will play a vital part in all of this since they will be needed to get the needed Skill Points that can be used to upgrade the Star Card of your choice.

While everything may seem quite familiar and straightforward, we still doubt that EA will completely get off Micro-Transactions and make players earn for their success through gameplay. Until now, everyone that has received Star Cards or else that he won, he will get the chance to keep it and will not be removed. Hence, Crates already miss Star Cards, nor can be purchased.

This will push all the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 players give their best in-game and also make them play the game on a daily basis so they will be in control over the upcoming bonuses. Doing Milestones will be one of the ways to get Crates, but again, they will not include anything significant that will impact the gameplay or give an advance to any of the possessing players.

Furthermore, a new update in April will give players a chance to get new appearances through in-game Credits and Crystals. It sounds like EA has finally decided to negate all the bad stuff in their game and give it to the community, just the way they loved it.

Angel Kicevski

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