Evolve Ivysaur into Venusaur During Community Day #3 and Learn Frenzy Plant as Exclusive Move

The third Community Day event is going live on March 25, starting at 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM CEST, and players around the world will have a chance to catch Bulbasaur.

During this 3-hour period, Bulbasaur’s spawn rate will be increased, there will be 3x catch XP and 3h lures. Also, as now confirmed by Niantic, after evolving Ivysaur into Venusaur, your Venusaur will learn Frenzy Plant, as an exclusive move. Frenzy Plant is 100 energy 2.8s duration, putting Venusaur as #2 Grass attacker, 5% DPS behind Exeggutor with equivalent TDO.

Just don’t forget, if you think that is better to just TM a Venusaur and save candies, don’t do it, because TMs and Charged TMs will not grant exclusive moves during Community Day. In order to learn this special move, players have to catch or evolve the special Pokemon, in this case, Bulbasaur.

As for shinies, I’m not really sure if we’re going to see and catch their shiny form, but I really hope to a surprise by Niantic.

Until the #3 Community Day, stock up on PokeBalls and catch ’em all!

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